Welp, I Missed Change-Up.

So now I have to write this. Again. Another blog that I don’t want to write for the sake of following the student agreement(barely). Another blog that goes “I hung out and got lunch and played games” and that’s it. Sorry, but I don’t live enough of an interesting life to pull random details out of thin air and make things like getting lunch from the deli interesting. I don’t often retain the small details of whatever I did, unless it was particularly important or fun, I especially can’t remember things properly to write them down. I genuinely just don’t like writing. I don’t like the medium. I would much prefer talking about my experiences rather than writing. I also don’t like feeling like I’m forced to do something. These blogs are supposedly for the benefit of my future self, but I just can’t see anything in my blogs that would actually open up any opportunities. Like my blogs are either me complaining, keeping track of school memes or just the events of my week. And then the blogs that I often do enjoy writing, are just my opinions and feelings about things which I do not feel that comfortable putting on the Internet 24/7. So, I guess I’m fucked, aren’t I? Well, maybe when I’m not so pissed at things, I’ll figure out something. Bye.

About This Whole Blogging Thing….

I really don’t like it, and here’s why:



(**Please keep in mind that this is just me venting my frustration, nothing I say here is meant to  attack anything or anyone and if it comes off as that then I am very sorry**)

For starters, it’s mandatory. Perhaps this is just my serious case of teenage angst talking, but I do not like doing things that other people set as mandatory. It, to me, feels sort of…I dunno, dismissive? Maybe? I think that’s the word I’m looking for. Whatever. I’m not good at illustrating my point a lot of the time, sorry. 😛 Anywho, it’s sort of dismissive to what I view as my priorities, if that even makes sense, because it comes off as “Hey, do this thing that we tell you to do no matter whether you wanted to do it or not.” and that really frustrates me. So, yeah, mandatory stuff that doesn’t line up with any of my priorities kinda sucks. And yeah, that’s not the intention, of course, but that’s how I interpret it in my head. I like to, at the very least, believe that I’m doing things of my own free will, and once I feel like I’m not, I’ll do everything in my power to avoid doing that thing until it’s absolutely necessary.

Next, I often do the same things every week, with very little variation. So it’s kind of redundant to write the same stuff every week. Now, as it was explained to me, blogging is for the school to have a record of your adventures, that, unlike Trello, actually has some personality about it instead of it just being a list of all of the things you’ve done. Problem: for a good chunk of students, all they do is list off what they did that week! Like, many students, including myself just kinda take the ‘One Sentence Method’ and write something like this:

My week was good. I hung out with people, did (insert possibly interesting thing here), went to (insert semi-interesting place) and played (insert a questionable-at-best game here). And that’s it. Bye!”

And you know what? That may work for some people. That may be fine. Buuut, it’s not fine for me. And this is my blog. So I’m gonna talk about it. 😛 Now, I talked to Ryan about this, and he explained that blogging can also be used for stuff other than just basically a second Trello, to which I’m like, “Alright. Cool. Fine. Great. But, there’s still another issue I have.” And that is:

The fact that you must do it every week. That’s my biggest issue. I’m not going to have blog-worthy feelings, thoughts, or adventures every week. I don’t want to write boring stuff. I want my blog to be interesting, to actually be something that people can look at and read. And I know that some students and ALF’s can accomplish making a read-worthy blog every week. But I can’t. Which is why, I’m going to bring this up at Change-Up next week. I’ll tell you all how this goes, but for now, see ya!


Oh, Hiya. It’s Been a While. :P

I’m not really in the mood for writing, but n’yeh I have to since I haven’t blogged yet this year. The year is good! I’ve been at home for most of it but that’s not important ’causee I still did stuff…I guess. I got to Silver rank in Overwatch, I got pissed about game-breaking changes, became a professional Self-Destruct bomber, did normal Serena things and talked to Michael, Nick and Javair about deep stuff and our personal lives. I also got to talk about that kind of stuff with Mel which was really nice. ‘Cause like, as much as I love talkin’ to the guys, it’s always nice to get the perspective of someone that you can actually relate to as far as life experiences go. 😛 I’ve been looking for new styles to try since Nahla took my classic ‘I’m just gonna wear black all day, every day’ so I’m pretty screwed right about now. I also got twin buns which us great. 😀 And I’m gonna make them better by doin’ them all fancy like. 😛 I’ve been watching Overly Sarcastic Productions and reading V for Vendetta so I’m pretty happy. It’s been a good couple of weeks. 😛 See ya, bai!

Well, This Week Was Interesting. The Ones Before Were as Well.

Ah, where do I begin? I’ve been gone for quite a bit. I mean, I’ve written maybe like two posts but we can all agree that they were really poorly written and a rather uninteresting read. So, very sorry about that. I’ve had a lot on my mind for the past couple of months so I didn’t really have much mental energy to do anything interesting, let alone write about it. I kinda didn’t help myself, because I didn’t realize just how stressed and worried I was until I, for one, broke down crying for multiple reasons, and two, took a 1-on-1 walk with Abby.(Which really help me clear some things up for myself, thanks Abby!) So yeah, I’m mostly clear and I’m doin’ alright.

Now, the past few weeks have been…alright. Dealing with parent worries, stressed out teens, relationship building and maintaining, gossip taken too far, expectations set too high and just overall chaos isn’t exactly my forte. But, it tends to balance out and resolve itself in due time so, I’m not too concerned. I’ve learned many, many things during these past few months, none of which I regret. Granted, this information has caused a whole lot of social chaos, which I’m soo not used to. Y’see, I’m the outgoing-yet-asocial nerd. I mainly deal with chaos involving hobbies, video games and shit, not social chaos like rumors and gossip. Like, I tend to just keep to myself when I can to just think about what’s going on and how I can safely resolve all of it, if I can at all. I haven’t had the mental energy to do that as of late unfortunately. Which, now that I think about it, is actually a good thing. I’m learning to not overthink everything and to think on the spot.

Now, I’m apparently everyone’s “mini mom” so I get to help everyone with their problems, that’s cool. But, honestly, I need to get my shit in check before I go and try to deal with other’s issues so, workin’ on that. Overall, everyone’s doin’ decently, a bit stressed about a few things, but they’re workin’ on it. I’m glad that they’re doing alright and I trust these humans to make the best decision they can, so I’m not too worried about ’em.

EDIT JUNE 2: Nahla’s been away for the past week, and still will be for another, and according to her she’s gonna be “bothering” me 24/7 when she comes back, so looking forward to that. Gus has been sick for the entire week so rip him I guess. Hope he’s better by next week.

I managed to resolve a good chunk of the gossip and fix a broken friendship so there’s that. I made a program this week! (Yay!) It was a simple program, a tic-tac-toe program at that. So yeah, I’ve been well and…well yeah. Bye!


The Dictionary Is Back! Again…

The Torbjorn Song

“im a tjorbjorn and im okay, I sit on my bumb and let my turret get play, I like to swing my hammer and collect my scrap, and then I yell heres your armor pack” Used in Overwatch (My Friends)


The Sombra Song




James’ REALLY annoying catchphrase. Goddamn that was annoying. Jesus fucking Christ. (James)


Gus…..Just Gus…

I-I don’t even know. Why?



Only Timo understands. (I.e. It means 69 in base 12) (Timo)

That’s all I can think of, but this post isn’t done. So my week was pretty cool. I got headaches from Gus and Sebastion, hung out with friends (as per usual) played Overwatch(of course) and went to Nahla’s house and met her friend Abby,(Goddamn she’s loud!). I also talked to awesome British people and bought a SHIT ton of loot boxes.(I got SO many skins and highlight intros! I’m happy.) I played this cool game called Secret Hitler and I was Hitler a lot. Oh! And I got lunch with Hannah! It was super nice and cool and we talked about our past experiences at ALC like the Philly trip and our visiting weeks. All in all, it was a good week.


**James gave me permission to say this about him.